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Master Planetary Climate Emergency Plan

What is the idea?



What is the idea? The CEO of Global.Solidarity.Live (GSL Systems), who designed the web matrix, has publicly called on multinationals to donate up to 50% of their net profits over the next 5 years to invest in capital intensive projects of scale that will slow down global warming.

This is until the governments of the world return to common sense and approve the Green Solidarity Fund of 2% of the annual world GDP, to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming. Until they do so, nearly 200 presidents are engaging in criminal negligence, exposing all of humanity to the risk of not surviving the future severe impacts already seen coming from the present acceleration of the climate anomaly.

As part of the global strategy, we have also invited multinationals committed to the environmental cause and with high responsibility for planetary security, to form a macro multinational. Its aim is to provide high-scale, intensive, massive and global e-business, e-commerce and fintech services, donating 50% of the net profit obtained to apply it immediately to help end hunger, extreme poverty and stop global warming.

Likewise, the architect RG designed a Planetary Climate Emergency Master Plan in 2019, whose first point is to activate the SCOPEX Project before December 2023. From that date, the positive feedback of the coupled ecosystems could be activated in an unstoppable and irreversible way . Data that must be urgently confirmed by the scientific community. (References: MasterEarht, e-book ,Cork Effect Theory, Cassandra Effect)

The first severe impact will be the calving of the “Apocalypse” Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica, which will raise the waters between 30 to 60 centimeters in the short term and will cause all the properties on the coast to become worth zero, the stock markets to explode downwards, just like the currencies, gold, silver, diamonds and the cryptocurrencies. We can become financially immobilized if we allow this to happen.

In this way, from the private sector we abandon the state of climate inaction and move on to cooperative, coordinated, synchronized and supportive proactive action worldwide.

According to our estimates, there is time until December 2023 to activate the SCOPEX project, reduce the global average temperature by 1.5º C and obtain a thermal balance with the increase caused by strong El Niño. If this is not executed within the mentioned period, as of January, unstoppable positive feedback from all the coupled ecosystems will begin to be activated.

We have the financial capacity to be able to activate the SCOPEX project, we require that the governments or some superpower present themselves as a guarantee for this special and extraordinary loan.

Where we are so far

- We have asked Dinners to cooperate to activate the Forest Card. 50% of the net benefit will be to plant 30 billion new fast-growing, high-CO2 sequestration trees annually, up to one trillion trees.

- We are also working to supplant vehicles in cities, install compact fission reactors per city to generate electricity, and deactivate polluting thermoelectric plants.

There are a number of more complementary measures that if the UN teams wish to cooperate we can combine efforts. But we have to do it fast. We only have 5 months left to start applying climate mitigation measures. Either this or total disaster. To be successful it requires initial support from the UN, WMO, NASA and the US government.

At the end of December 2023, this extraordinary emergency aid will be cancelled, because there will no longer be human resources capable of stopping the acceleration of the anomaly.

We need USD 100 million to invest in the activation of our systems, with the initial deposit of USD 1 million, in exchange for 40% of GSL Systems.

Our CEO has publicly pledged not to charge more than US$3,000/month for all the companies he is creating in order to stop global warming and end hunger and extreme poverty, within this initiative. And, if possible, he will do it ad honorem, charging only travel expenses and representation expenses.

GSL Systems and all digital business units will then be transferred to Global Eco Governance, to assist in their management. This initiative is not for profit, its objective is to Save the Planet, serve God, humanity and the sacred Dharma.