Toxic substances can be in our homes, in the clothes we wear, in electronic devices, cosmetics, and even in the food we eat.

Industries continue to use dangerous minerals, synthetic chemicals to make their items despite the serious impacts they have on our health and the environment.

These pollutants reach the air we breathe, animals, and the water in our rivers and oceans. We don't see them, but they are everywhere.

Our vision
We work to achieve a world free of dangerous pollutants that put the air, land, rivers, lakes and oceans at risk. In short, to ourselves and to our future.

What do we propose?
The development of a clean production system so that industries do not pollute throughout all their processes
Eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals
Reduce waste generation
Promote legislation for the life cycle of products and their management as waste
Avoid dumping, burial and incineration of toxic
Extended producer responsibility: manufacturers must be in charge of the final disposal of the items they sell


Source: Greenpeace


We work to raise funds for UNICEF, Red Cross International, Doctors Without Borders, Gates Philanthropy Partners, World Food Programme, Caritas, Global Solidarity and MAyDay around the world.