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MaDay´s Global Recruitment Center to Stop Global Warming


Hello, we ask for your full attention for 1 minute. Did you know that due to the acceleration and positive feedbacks of global warming, the human species is in danger of extinction? No, then please read the notes.

We are all too busy surviving and have not developed the habit of looking over our shoulders to see what is happening to others. We live locked in our personal bubbles.

But now, if we want to survive collectively, we must unite among all of us, add our actions, voices and votes... For what? Get the governments of the planet to return to common sense and assume full responsibility for the common destiny.

As? Approve and allocate the Green Solidarity Fund of 2 or 3% of annual world GDP to end the triple scourge of hunger, extreme poverty and global warming. And beginning by establishing global social justice in the distribution of planetary resources so that no one else dies of hunger and no more children die due to lack of vaccination.

We can achieve this together, among all of us, with faith, with determined and intelligent actions. How to start? We ask that you support the Mayday mission by volunteering. And if at any time you have free time, he helps by spreading our message to the whole world on the internet.

We can still prevent all coastal cities from flooding, major intercontinental droughts, and lack of food and drinking water. Let's be sensible, unite, work together and save the planet, to save ourselves, our families and generations to come.

Climate change, overpopulation, hunger, education, health and consumption are interdependent. We must transcend these challenges simultaneously.

Global warming is rapidly approaching its tipping point, when positive feedbacks will kick in in a domino effect hyperaccelerating the climate anomaly above orthodox scientific predictions. This is very likely to happen between 2025 and 2030.

We have almost run out of time to act. We must take as a new goal zero carbon emissions in 2030 and stop polluting immediately.

Did you know that when the ocean waters rise by the first half meter, all the properties on the coasts will automatically become
worth zero and no one will be able to sell them? Then all its inhabitants will be trapped in them, unable to sell their properties, while they see how the waters continue to rise.

Don't you want to lose your house or your life, or the lives of your loved ones? No? Then sign up to volunteer for MayDay.

We need the support of people like you to spread our message and to work on our projects.
We assume the commitment to pay for the tasks in the development of our systems, once they are profitable. We need above all web programmers, software developers and experts in artificial intelligence.

You can be the difference to defeat global warming... Join MayDay!

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We work to raise funds for UNICEF, Red Cross International, Doctors Without Borders, Gates Philanthropy Partners, World Food Programme, Caritas, Global Solidarity and MAyDay around the world.