Graphic: Global warming from 1880 to 2021



As of 2014, 2013 tied with 2009 and 2006 for the seventh warmest year since 1880 according to NASA scientists. With the exception of 1998, the 10 warmest years in the 134-year record have all occurred since 2000, with 2010 and 2005 ranking as the warmest years on record. Earth continues to be hotter than it was several decades ago. Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2021 tied with 2018 as the sixth warmest year on record, according to an analysis by NASA.


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Eco.MayDay works to unite humanitarian and environmental non-governmental organizations in order to maximize available resources, coordinate aid programs and fight against global warming, hunger, poverty, social inequality, racism, gender violence, religious intolerance and corruption, affirming the spirit of union and cooperation in favor of life, peace and progress for all equally.


            We are working together to protect the environment

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We are all responsible! Let's prevent 7,2 million people from starving every year, 17,000 children every day. Donate now and help save one more life today and now. Join the global solidarity responsibility campaign

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MayDay Priorities:

1- Unite the humanitarian and ecological NGOs of the planet to demand and urging the prompt allocation of 2 or 3% of the annual world GDP, to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming, by the governments of our planet. As advised by the UN and MasterEarth.

2-Allocate US$ 500 billion per year from the global Solidarity Green Fund to end hunger, extreme poverty, pandemics, illiteracy and other social injustices.

3-Act in cooperation with the scientific, business, NGO and government sectors, to reverse global warming, taking as a new goal reaching zero carbon emissions in 2030.

4- Create a coordination infrastructure to solve global crises, the Global Eco Government.

5- Universalize the Global Direct Digital Democracy system advised by a Science Council made up of the best scientists from all continents.

6- Replace the monetary unit for qualified time and assign life annuities to the entire population in view of the replacement of the equation between capital and labor by the transfer to AIs and robotics of production systems.

7- End inequality in the distribution of world resources by abolishing extreme poverty.

Be a moral volunteer


Hello, we ask for your full attention for 1 minute. Did you know that due to the acceleration and positive feedbacks of global warming, the human species is in danger of extinction? No, then please read the notes.

We are all too busy surviving and have not developed the habit of looking over our shoulders to see what is happening to others. We live locked in our personal bubbles. But now, if we want to survive collectively, we must unite among all of us, add our actions, voices and votes... For what? To get the governments of the planet to return to common sense and assume full responsibility for the common destiny. How? Approving and allocating the Green Solidarity Fund of 2 or 3% of the annual world GDP to end the triple scourge of hunger, extreme poverty and global warming. And beginning by establishing global social justice in the distribution of planetary resources so that no one else dies of hunger and no more children die for lack of vaccination.

We can achieve this together, among all of us, with faith, with determined and intelligent actions. How to start? We ask that you support Mayday's mission as a moral volunteer. And if at any time you have free time, collaborate by spreading our message to everyone on the internet.

We can still prevent all the coastal cities from flooding, great intercontinental droughts and lack of food and drinking water. Let's be sensible, unite, work together and save the planet, to save ourselves, our families and the generations to come.

Climate change, overpopulation, hunger, education, health and consumption are interdependent. We must transcend these challenges simultaneously.

If you sign up as a moral volunteer, contact us.


Vote 2% for the Planet   Spanish / English


I warned since 2019 about the danger of accelerating retroactions of global warming

It will be necessary to activate the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment Project (SCoPEx)

Complaint against the presidents of the world for crimes against humanity

New strategy to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming

According to the WMO we will break the threshold of 1.5º C to 1.8ºC in the next 5 years

Forest card: capturing co2 is urgent and imperative. We cannot and should not delay it any longer. We must act immediately. Mobilize resources

An upcoming prolonged drought could cause continental crop failures, livestock deaths, and half the world’s population to die from starvation

We are connecting advanced AIs with the internet without any security measures

We are witnessing a change of era, driven by the hyperevolution of our science and technology


We work to save the children of the planet and stop Global Warming. We have five years to be able to do it before breaking the threshold of 1.5 to 1.8º C according to the WMO.

Under these conditions, intercontinental structural droughts can occur and this can cause hundreds or billions of people to die of hunger. We are acting in time to avoid it.

The report from the scientific group of the
Gaia Team  is urgent to determine the next critical threshold of the climatic anomaly, to know what we are facing, how much time we have left and how we must organize ourselves to cushion its effects.

We invite all ONGS of good will to join us in our mission. We know what to do and how to do it.

We work to proactively raise awareness about climate justice and seek means of active financing for sustainable development in all areas under community control.

We lead a global movement of diverse people, companies and communities, committed to climate justice and fighting for a sustainable world in the shortest possible time.

The oppressive global inequality due to climate change and the unequal distribution of wealth are negatively impacting the middle and lower strata of our world societies, ecosystems are deteriorating rapidly. It is urgent to act immediately.

To solve global problems, global financing is needed, we are working to redirect the necessary resources to attend to the great scourges that plague humanity in the present: hunger, extreme poverty and global warming.

We raise funds through global e-commerce and donations.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, sharing an idea or partnering with us, please contact us







2% for the planet and Eco Planetary Goverment

It’s warming.

It’s us.

We’re sure.

It’s bad.

We can fix it.

(Thanks to Dr. Kimberly Nicholas for putting it so simply).


1. It’s warming. In 2022, the global average temperature was about 1.15 [1.02 to 1.27] °C above pre-industrial (1850-1900) levels.

2. It’s us. Every year, humans release an increasing amount of carbon dioxide (C02) into the atmosphere; at present, about 40 billion tons per year.  In 2022, 420.99 parts per million of CO2 were reached in May, with an increase of 1.8 parts per million compared to 2021. Before the industrial revolution, and for the 6,000 years of human civilization that preceded it, the CO2 level remained constant at around 280 ppm, according to NOAA.

3. We’re sure. An overwhelming 99% of scientists agree that climate change is being caused by human greenhouse gas emissions.

4. It’s bad. If we break the threshold of 1.5 to 2º C above the global average temperature, great intercontinental structural droughts will occur. Half the world's population could starve. Accelerated melting will begin at the North Pole with the release of methane, which will further increase the temperature and cause more melting and faster. So the oceans with the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic glaciers can rise from 3 to 60 meters. When the first half meter rises, the properties on the coast will lose all market value, nobody will want to buy them.

5. We can fix it. Banks and investment funds have capital of 56 trillions dollars.We only need $2 trillion per year, or 2% of global GDP per year, to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming.

The architect and environmentalist Roberto Guillermo Gomes, warned since 2009 and in 2019 especially, about the danger of accelerating positive feedback on the pace of global warming. Data confirmed in 2023 by the scientific report of William Ripley and Wolf with the intervention of three US universities. What does this mean? According to the WMO prediction, we will break the threshold of 1.5 to 1.8º C in the next 5 years. From this inflection point, positive feedbacks will begin to skyrocket irreversibly and hyper-accelerate the climate anomaly. Therefore the goal of zero emissions for 2050 is insufficient, it must be achieved in 2030.


We unite humanitarian and ecological NGOs, which will make it easier to channel aid and apply global coordinated programs.

As humanity and civilization we are in danger of extinction due to the next hyperacceleration of Global Warming caused by the foreseeable positive systemic feedbacks on planetary ecosystems. Based on this, from Global Solidarity, we are beginning to deploy the necessary strategies to address the ongoing climate emergency with the resources that we consider necessary and appropriate. We call on everyone to participate and cooperate. Not doing so is not being in favor of the Sacred Life of all beings, universal compassion, peace, progress and social justice. Those who are called and do not do so will receive the direct impact of their own selfish actions.


GSL Systems raises funds and distributes them where they are needed through MayDay. We are testing our systems to complete the registration procedures as a corporation and foundation in the USA. Our headquarters will be located in Columbia, Maryland.


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